Alive Dekaron Rules [All Players Read]


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    Alive Dekaron Rules [All Players Read]

    Post  [GM]Xplicit on Fri Jan 25, 2013 3:51 pm

    Hacking Is Not Permitted!!!
    If you are caught hacking you will be permanently banned!!!! We will wreck your PC and your life so don't do it!!!!

    Scamming Is Not Permitted!!!
    If you have scammed someone and the player you have scammed has provided us proof, You will be jailed for 24 hours for the first warning, after that we will take further precautions.
    If you have been scammed, There isn't a whole lot that we can do, Other than check the trades,Check the screen shots of the chats or item trade that you gave us, (Only an Admin check it through the database). So if you are making a trade we suggest that you Screen Shot it.

    Rules During Event's
    If you start complaining "The Exp Sucks", "Ask For More" "Ect" You will be jailed during the event. The [GM]s Do not have to throw events, Events are more of a gesture, to thank players for playing or to help the community.

    If you harass another player such as a racial comment, Follow them around every were they go when you are not joking with someone Ect you will be jailed for 24 hours. Trash talking is not considered harassment this is a GAME and people are allowed to trash talk to a certain extent.

    Respect The Alive Dekaron Staff!!!
    If you Disrespect us, we will jail you, WE WILL NOT PUT UP WITH IT!

    I think you guy's get the idea, The rules are simple and as long as you don't break them you will be just fine.

    Thank you all for reading and just remember......

    We Will Be Watching You affraid


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